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Brandon Seliga

– Composer | Sound Designer | Engineer –

Brandon Seliga is a highly skilled  composer, audio engineer, and sound designer. With a passion for creating immersive and captivating soundscapes for games and media, Brandon has become a sought-after expert in the industry.

Brandon is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, where they developed their skills as a composer and musician. They have also spent several years as a part of the team at Emperia Sound and Music, working on a wide range of projects, from indie games to AAA titles.

As a queer and non-binary composer, Brandon’s unique perspective and experiences have inspired them to create music that connects with people from all walks of life. Their writing is influenced by a deep understanding of the emotional impact that music can have on players, and they strive to create soundscapes that are both evocative and memorable.

Whether you’re seeking an original score, sound effects, or audio production services, Brandon’s expertise and experience will ensure your project stands out. 

Gridiron Grind – Tubi Original

A high school girl challenges expectations on the football field in the Tubi original film, Gridiron Grind. Brandon wrote music for the film alongside Black Nile and under the direction of Jeff Rona. The film features synth-driven music that captures the musical energy of the 80’s and 90’s while combining it with modern composition styles.

Musical Range VR –

Rockhopper Studios

Musical Range is a virtual reality music game where the player creates music by shooting notes when highlighted by small meteors.
Brandon has taken the lead role in creating all of the sound design for the game, crafting the personalities of the player-weapons, instruments, and all of the sound effects in between. This is an ongoing project that’s growing with new sounds every day!

Infinite Lagrange –

Netease Games

Infinite Lagrange is a Sci-Fi space simulation game made by Netease. Brandon had the Privilege of collaborating on the Main Theme for the Angulum Galaxies update titled “The Forsaken Angulum” alongside the other composers at Emperia Sound and Music. Infinite Lagrange won Best Music in the mobile game category for the 2023 NYX Game Awards. 

Ninjala – GungHo Entertainment

Ninjala is a free-to-play action video game developed and published by GungHo Online Entertainment. Brandon composed the theme for the 12th season of the game, themed and titled “Junk Wars“. 

Inspired by the season’s theme of found sounds, junk, and trash, “Junk Wars” is a fast paced, rock-filled anthem that perfectly captures the excitement and intensity of the game.  

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